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When did Lenin decide to dictate his testament

December 1922


In what form did Lenin decide to dictate his testament in Dec 1922

A letter to be read to the party Congress ok bus death


What did Lenin give in his testament

He did not nominate a future leader, but gave his critical opinion of members of politburo


Who did Lenin particularly criticise in his testament



Why did Lenin particularly criticise Stalin

Party because of Georgian affair and partly because Stalin insulted Lenin’s wife


When did Stalin become the party’s general secretary

April 1922


What did Lenin’s refer to (Stalin’s personality) in his testament

Personal rudeness, uneccesary roughness and lack of finesse


What did Lenin suggest to comrades in his testament

That they should think of a way of removing Stalin from his post


Why was Lenin’s testament never read in public as intended

Since central committee decided among themselves to surpress it- played into Stalin’s hands


What had the communists been split over since 1921

Economic policy


How had Lenin’s NEP of 1921 been controversial

It conflicted with strict Marxist teaching


What was at the heart of ideological debates of the 1920s

Whether Lenin had intended the NEP to be a temporary measure


Who favoured abandoning the NEP and who weee they represented by

Represented by Trotsky, zinoviev and kamenev


Who supported the NEPs continuance and who were they represented by

The right
Represented by Bulgarian, rykov and tomsky


What was Stalin’s position in the support of the NEP

Stalin fluctuate from a left leaning position up to 1925, to temporary support for the right and the continuance of NEP 1925-28 and back again


What can Stalin’s fluctuations be accounted for by

Bread shortages and high food prices of 1928, rather than a lack of ideological principles


What did Trotsky still hold to the line despite the Soviet Union being the only communist state in the 1920s

That Russians should be working to stir up revolution elsewhere and that there should be a continuous revolution until a truly socialist society was created


What pragmatic view had Stalin adopted by 1924

That there should be ‘socialism in one country’ and that efforts should be concentrated on building a workers paradise in Soviet Union


What did Stalin’s less orthodox attitude of socialism in one country appeal to

Those who favoured stability and feared the continuous revolutionary turmoil that Trotsky appeared to be advocating


What did some elements within the party favour in terms of leadership

Collective control, through a committee of equals- a view which had ideological justification


Who was the idea of collective control over oarty most advanced by

Those who feared the dominance of Trotsky- worked to Stalin’s advantage


What principles laid down in the time of Lenin did Stalin benefit from

Change from elections to appointments within party hierarchy
Ban on factions
Growth of central control during civil war