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Ideology and change: what was sidelined in the excitement that accompanied October revolution

Issues of ideology


Ideology and change: what took priority over whether the manner of taking power conformed to the Marxist ideal

The pressing need to retain and consolidate control


Ideology and change: Lenin and bolsheviks acted first and ... later

Justified later


Ideology and change: how did soviet historiography try to explain and justify all that Lenin did in later years

In name of Marxism and pre determined logic of history


Ideology and end to war: what did Lenin and Trotsky assume that bolshevik seizure of power would spark

Similar revolutions elsewhere in Europe


Ideology and end to war: why did Trotsky and Lenin expect revolution particularly in Germany

Seemed ripe for revolution by all economic, social and pol criteria put forward by Marx


Ideology and end to war: what were bolsheviks simultaneously committed to as well as rousing German workers and soldiers against imperial gov

Pursuing peace with that gov


Ideology and end to war: what was Bol persuing of peace with German gov despite

Knowing that peace would strengthen imperial gov they wished to destroy


Ideology and end to war: what did Trotsky 1917 that made contradiction acute

Trotsky began peace negotiations in Dec after armistice in Nov


Ideology and end to war: what did German gov demand as part of peace negotiations and what effect did this have on bolsheviks

Large swathes of Russian territory, split bol


Ideology and end to war: what group did Bukharin lead when Bol split

Revolutionary war group