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Which structures established by Lenin were perpetuated by Stalin

Rule by one party and centralised control


What influence did Stalin assert

An increasingly dominant personal influence


What did the party contribute to predominate over

State institutions


What was control ensured through.

Parallel structures and most levels and the dual membership of party and gov offices held by trusted members of nomenklatura


What did Stalin grow increasingly concerned about and what did this lead to

The party reflecting his wishes- led to party congresses being called less frequently


What appointments did Stalin control through his position as general secretary

The more important appointments to the party apparat


What controlled the nomenklatura and what did this mean

The apparatchiki controlled the nomenklatura- meant Stalin commanded vast patronage over all important positions throughout soviet society


What did Stalin prefer to work with than the politburo

Personally selected commities


What did Stalin use his power of appointment to do

Build up the party memebership and develop an elaborate bureaucracy of loyal servants


How did an expansion in oarty membership begin

With the Lenin enrolment 1924-25 in commemoration of his death


By how much did party membership increase under the Lenin enrolment

Almost doubled to one million


Where did most new oarty members tend to be drawn from

Younger and less well educated urban workers and ex peasants who were less interested in ideological debate and more concerned with their own careers


What were New party memebers often attracted by

Stalin’s more nationalist energetic and sometimes brutal policies and knew that loyalty could bring benefits for themselves and their families


Who was the 1936 constitution drafted by



What did Stalin claim that the 1936 constitution was

The most democratic in the world


What did the 1936 constitution proclaim

The USSR to be a federation of eleven soviet republics


What was the all Russian congress of soviets replaced by under 1936 constitution

A new supreme soviet made up of the soviet of the union and the soviet of nationalities


What did each republic have if it’s own under the 1936 constitution

Supreme soviet


What did the 1936 constitution promise to ethnic groups

Local autonomy and support for national cultures and languages


What did 1936 constitutions promise (elections)

Four yearly elections with right to vote for all over 18 including former people


What statement of civil rights was the 1936 constitution accompanied with

Freedom from arbitrary arrest and right to free speech


What may the 1936 consitituonbs main intention have been

To impress foreigners


What did the verbal control exercised over the republics budgets unsure

The primacy of union laws and little real regional independence


What happened despite the consitituon acknowledging the right of any union republic to leave union

Party leaders in Georgia’s planned succession in 1951 purged


Why did the supreme soviet only meet for a few days twice a year

Said to be so that members could continue regular employment but it meant the body provided more of a sense of participation than any actual involvement in policy making


How was the supreme soviet viewed by the oarty

As a forum for imparting decisions back to localities rather than for electors to present their views to the centre


From when did Stalin consciously develop his own cult

December 1929, he’s 50th bday


What image of himself did Stalin oromote and why

An image that helped to noire confidence during a period of rapid change


How was Stalin universally portrayed

As Lenin’s true disciple and companion


What were produced to glorify Stalin’s role

Paintings and posters