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What are the four basic patterns of adjectival inflection with the addition of endings?

1. No change
2. Propretonic reduction
3. ה ֶ endings
4. Geminate Adjectives


What is the propretonic reduction?

A changeable long vowel in an open, propretonic syllable will reduce to Vocal Shewa or Hateph Pathach if guttural
(This type of change occurs when the open, pretonic syllable of the masculine singular adjective become propretonic with the addition of inflectional endings)


What happens to masculine adjectives that end with ה ֶ endings?

These endings often drop off
For example: (קָשִׁים) < (קָשֶׁה)


What happens to Geminate adjectives?

These will take the Daghesh Forte in the second consonant (though some Geminates have a guttural as the second consonant


What happens if the second consonant of a Geminate word is a guttural?

1. It rejects the Daghesh Forte
2. It causes compensatory lengthening in the first vowel
For example: (רָעִים) < (רַע)


What is the word order for attributive adjectives?

Attributive adjectives follow the noun they are modifying.


In what ways must an attributive adjective agree with its noun

gender, number, and definiteness


How does Hebrew indicate a predicative adjective?

1. It will agree with its noun in gender and number, but not definiteness (the predicative adjective never takes the definite article; proper nouns may appear also as anarthrous)
2. It may precede or follow


Since the predicative adjective is always anarthrous, what if the noun is also anarthrous? How to tell if it is attributive or predicative?



What is the adjectival directional ending?

1. Qamets He (e.g. בָּה), which may be added to end of word to express idea of motion toward someone/something.
2. Always unaccented
3. translated "to" or "toward". (Equivalent to the preposition [ֶֶאֶל־])


What is the mater He?

It is the He that is not part of the root and has been added. For example Seghol He.

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