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What is the Hebrew imperative used for?

1. express direct commands
2. grant permission
3. communicate requests


What person and number does the Hebrew Imperative occur?

1. second person
2. singular and plural


What is the basis for the form of the Imperative?

1. Qal Imperfect
2. Without the preformative (the only two changes to the 2fs and 2mp are because of the rule of Shewa)


What is the paradigm for the Qal Imperative?



What is the morphological change that will occur with some frequency (300x) to the 2ms Qal Imperative? And why is this an issue? And how to tell the difference?

1. May take a Qamets Hey ending (קָטְלָה) [not the Qamets Hatuf for first vowel]
2. Can be confused with the Qal Perfect 3fs (קָטְלָה) [not that the first vowel is a Qamets Hatuf]
3. Context and the metheg will determine


How are the biconsonantal imperatives formed?

With the corresponding medial vowel letter and imperfect suffixes (note the 2ms form looks exactly like the lexical form)


How are negative commands given in Hebrew?

Imperfect plus negative particle
(לֹֹא) permanent and absolute
(אַל) immediate, specific, and non-durative (this is actually the jussive category)


How is the particle נָא translated when combined with an imperative? And how is it combined?

1. "please" or untranslated
2. can be with our without Maqqef


What are three important verbal sequences with the imperative?

1. Imperatives in succession (combined with the conjunction)
2. a consecutive perfect following imperative (remember this will have an imperatival force)


What happens when the Imperative is followed by an Imperfect? And what are the morphological clues?

1. purpose / result clause ("so that")
2. the Imperfect will have the conjunction (וְ)


What is the אַל with the imperfect mean it is

It is a jussive
and will be only second person
This is how it will be parsed

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