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What is the Qal imperfect also referred to as?

The prefix conjugation because of a special set of verbal prefixes


15.2 What does the imperfect
conjugation portray?

• Aspect: Incomplete action (including habitual or customary)
• No time. It can be past, present, or future. (context determines)


What are the three kinds of action the imperfect can portray

1. incomplete action
2. habitual
3. modal


15.2 How can the imperfect be translated to show an incomplete action?

• English present tense (I study)
• English future tense (I will study)


15.2 How can the imperfect be translated to show a habitual action?

1. I study regularly
2. I use to study regularly
3. I will pray regularly


15.2 How can the imperfect be translated to show a modal action?

would, could, should, may, can, …


In the Qal stem what conjugations have preformatives?

only the imperfect


In other paradigms for the imperfect, what happens when a begadkephat letter follows a closed syllable?

1. It will often take a Lene


15.5 What happens to begadkephat
letters when inflecting words?

• Initial letter > Add a Dagesh Lene
• Silent Shewa precedes > Add a Dagesh Lene
• Vowel precedes > No Dagesh Lene


15.6 How do stative verbs form their imperfect differently? How is their form the same?

• All stative verbs use Pathach instead of Holem or Tsere for the stem vowel as was seen in the Qal Perfect stative verbs.
2. In all other ways, the statives follow the Qal Imperfect paradigm


15.6 What happens in the imperfect to verbs that end in nun?

• The nun assimilates with the sufformatives that begin in nun in the 3fp and 2fp
(נָּה) < (נְנָה)


What does לֹא mean when immediately followed by an
imperfect verb?

permanent and absolute negation


What does אַל mean when immediately followed by an
imperfect verb?

immediate, specific, and non-durative prohibition


The Qal stem is used to express what kind of action and voice, typically?

1. simple action
2. active voice (though some passives)


What is the diagnostic for the Qal imperfect?

1. Hireq sufformative vowel (minus the 1cs)
2. Holem stem vowel (except where there is a sufformative)

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