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What is conflict

At least one party is blocking the goal attainment of other party.


What are types of conflict

- Task conflict: Conflict over content and goals of the work.
- Relationship conflict: Conflict based on interpersonal relationships
- Process conflict: Conflict over how work gets done


What is functional conflict

A healthy constructive disagreement between two or more people.


What is dysfunctional conflict

An unhealthy destructive disagreement between two or more people.


What are level of conflicts

- Organization: Within and between organization
- Group: Within and between group
- Individual: Within and between individuals


What are forms of conflict in an organization

- Interorganization conflict: Conflict that occurs between two or more organizations
- Intergroup conflicts: Conflicts that occurs between groups or teams in an organization
- Interpersonal conflicts: conflicts that occurs between two or more individuals
- Intrapersonal conflicts: Conflicts that occurs within an individual
- Interrole conflicts: A person's experience of conflict among roles in his life.
- Intrarole conflicts: Conflicts that occurs within a single role.
- Person-role conflict: Conflict that occurs when an individual is expected to perform behaviors in a certain role that conflict with his personal values.


How much stages are in conflict process



What are the factors that affect the development of conflict

- Management culture
- Stage of development of organization
- Organizational structures
- State of business
- Weather


What is current conflict theory

It is interactionist. This theory says conflict should be encouraged and managed. It brings life, creativity and synergy.


Task interdependence is a source of conflict. What are its 3 levels

- Pooled
- Sequential
- Reciprocal


What are sources of conflict

- Task interdependence
- Goal incompatibility
- Different views and believes
- Scarce resources
- Ambiguity
- Communication problem


What are categories of conflict

- Vertical conflict
- Horizontal conflict
- Line-staff conflict: Involves disagreements over who has authority and control over specific matters.


What is lose-lose conflict

It occurs when nobody gets what he wants


What is win-lose conflict

One party achieves its desires at the expense of other party and to the exclusion of other party desire.


What is win-win conflict

Both parties achieve their desires.