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What are conflict management styles

- Avoiding
- Accommodating
- Compromising
- Collaborating
- Competing


What is negotiation

The process of making joint decisions when the parties involved have different preferences.


What are approaches of negotiation

- Distributive bargaining: The goal of the parties are in conflict and each party seeks to maximize its resources.
- Integrative bargaining: Focuses on the merits of the issues and seeks a win-win solution


What are steps in negotiation

- Identify the problem
- Define the goal
- Record the facts
- Anticipate outcomes


What is empathy

Putting yourself into other shoes and understand their situation.


What is 3rd party negotiation

When both parties were unable to resolve the issue. Then 3rd party involves in it.


What are 3rd party objectives

- Effectiveness
- Efficiency
- Fairness