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What are new management functions

- Continuous improvement
- Total quality management


What is an organization

A social unit composed of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal.


What are 4 components of an organization

- Task: An organization mission
- People: human resource
- Structure
- Technology: The process used by organization to transfer input to output


What are 2 categories of organization

- Formal organization: The part of the organization that have a legitimacy and official recognition
- Informal organization: The unofficial part of organization


What is synergy

Value addition


What are 2 types of stakeholder

- Inside stakeholder (investor, shareholder, team, managers, etc)
- Outside stakeholder (government, general public etc)


How do managers measures effectiveness in organization

There are 3 approaches
- External resource approach/control approach (secure, control and manage values skills and resources)
- Internal system approach (quick response to stack holder)
- Technical approach (convert skills and resources into good and services)


What are 3 factors affecting the organization

- Organizational environment
- Technological environment
- Organizational process