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What are theories to makes good leader

A. Trait theories: (people born with certain characteristics that make them leader)
B. Behavior theories (examine the actual behavior of leader to determine what kind of behavior leads to success)
C. Contingency theory (Leader effectiveness depends upon the interaction of leader behavior and situation


Does Contingency theory have sub categories of theories and if yes, what is that

Yes. Path-Goal theory. It is leader's job to assist followers in attaining their goals and to provide the necessary direction and support.


What are path-goal leaders behavior

- Directive leader (directional type)
- Supportive leader (friendly)
- Participative leader (consults)
- Achievement-oriented leader


What is leadership

The process of influencing others to facilitate the attainment of organizationally relevant goals.


What are 3 variables of leadership

People (who are being lead)
Task (what people are performing)


What are 2 types of charismatic leaders

1. Visionary charismatic leaders
2. Crisis-based charismatic leaders


What is visionary charismatic leaders

Through communication ability, he links follower's need and organization goals


What are transformational leaders

Leadership that inspires


What are transactional leaders

they links job performance to rewards and also give punish


What are 3 types of trust

- Knowledge-based trust: come from behavior predictability based of interaction history
- Identification-based trust: Trust based on emotional connection
- Detterence-based trust: Trust based on fear if trust is broken


What about women in leadership

They are more democratic, share power and information


What about men in leadership

They demonstrate authority, are more directive and use command and control style


What are 4 leadership style

- Counselor style
- Resource style
- Motivational style
- Instructor style