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What can the first responding Captain do after updates from dispatch?

Request changes that are required to the response:

-Additional apparatus, specialized teams, amb, police, utilities, change enroute status to non-emerg


What shall the first arriving Captain relay to control?

They have arrived on scene

Initial Report on what they see, prior to leaving apparatus

Request for further assistance or other services

That they are confirming and taking command


What should be the designation for command?

A name unique to location
-i.e. Street name, Business Name, Apparatus name, etc


What should a Captain do at their earliest convenience?

Update dispatch of the nature of the problem


What should Captains be providing the IC?

Regular, Brief updates


What must Captains do at the end of an incident?

Advise leaving scene, terminate command if still in command, advise when back in station and if apparatus is available for service


What is involved in a Fire Emergencies initial report?

Onscene, Fire/smoke conditions and implied actions

Nothing showing/visible (investigative)
Smoke showing (offensive attack)
Fire Showing/Flames visible (offensive attack)
Fully involved (defensive attack)


What information should be involved in the updates to the IC?

Any progress/changing conditions and benchmarks being reached


What are the three major benchmarks?

All Clear

Under Control

Loss Stopped

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