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What are three critical tasks in community fire safety?

ID and correct safety hazards through safety checks or code enforcement

Develop and maintain pre-plans

Promote fire safety through Pub Ed


What are 6 considerations for pre-planning as per NFPA 1620?

Physical elements and site considerations


Water supply and Fire protection systems

Special considerations

Emergency Operations

Document findings/locations


What is a plot plan?

Representation of a structure exterior, identifying site access, doors, utilities, and special considerations/hazards


What are included under special considerations?

Special hazards/Hazmat

Hazard areas and environments for emerg services (confined spaces, inert atmospheres, etc)

Vacant/Abandoned buildings

Mass-Casualty Events


What is Catastrophic Theory of Reform?

Fire code requirements that are adopted or amended as a result of a fire disaster


What are the three classes/sizes of standpipe CABINETS?

Class 1: 2.5 inch male coupling

Class 2: 1.5 inch coupling with pre-connected hose

Class 3: Both 1.5 and 2.5 inch hose connections


What are the considerations of Type 1, Fire resistive?

Non-combustible materials

Protects from fire by encasement

Extensive fire operations may be carried out before collapse

Often uses compartmentation instead of sprinklers, resulting in unsurvivable temperatures

Metal structural elements may fail due to age and rust


Type 2, Non-combustible considerations?

Built from non-combustible materials, but have limited to no fire resistance.

Type 2A is expected to resist 1 hour
Type 2B has no resistance

Often updated with Type 5, Wood frame, structural elements

Strip malls are commonly Type 2


Type 3, Ordinary considerations?

Combustible or combination of combustible/non-combustible structural elements

Exterior Load bearing walls are masonry

Type 3A is fire resistive for 1-2 hours
Type 3B is not fire resistive

Generally no higher than 4 stories


Type 4, Heavy Timber considerations?

Exterior walls are non-combustible

As durable as Type 1

A well seated fire in a non-sprinklered Type 4 may exceed municipal water capabilities


Type 5, Wood frame considerations?

Structural wood elements

May contain masonry veneer, but non-structural

Most common structures

Flashover will occur much faster than other structures


What are the three types of evidence?

Demonstrative (physical items that can be identified)

Documentary (Reports, photos, etc)

Testimonial (testifying in court)


What are artifacts, with relation to fire investigation?

Items someway related to ignition, development and spread. Can also be something containing burn patterns


What must an officer consider to protect potential evidence?

When to stop suppression and overhaul and protect from public

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