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What is the officer's role in Risk Management?

ID and analyze risk exposures

Formulate risk management solutions

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What is the most common type of on-scene injuries?

Strains and Sprains


What is the highest cause of LODD?

Cardiac incidents


What are four root causes of FF fatalities?

Under resourcing

Inadequate prep and anticipation of adverse conditions during operations

Incomplete adoption of incident command procedures

Suboptimal personnel readiness


What is the role of the Safety Officer?

Report to the IC and monitor scene, ID and report any hazard and take immediate steps to stop unsafe actions whenever necessary.


What are general knowledge requirements for an effective safety officer?

Safety and health hazards involved in emergency ops

Building construction

Personnel Accountability System

Incident scene Rehab


What is involved in an MVC investigation?

ID and collection of physical evidence

Interviews with witnesses

Written documentation

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