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What times will OPP respond to 400 series highway MVCs for property only damages?

2000-0800 as the CRC is closed


What should a Captain recommend to civilian drivers involved in 400 series highway collisions with only minor property damage?

Move vehicle from travelled portion of roadway, exchange info, report to a Collision Reporting Centre


What limitations are on acting captains for partial shift changes?

They cannot exchange partial with anyone not eligible to act


When will fire attend a lift assist call?

Very heavy patient

Extrication requiring our equipment

EMS delayed beyond 30 minutes


What must be involved in insurance incident reporting?

Completed by driver, not captain

Docs are accurate and complete in all manners (legal documentation)


Who can go on Ride-a-longs?

Strictly City of Brampton employees


What is the official terminology to call off other responding apparatus?

Cancel all other vehicles


What is the official terminology to downgrade responding apparatus?

Continue non-emergency


What are the official terminologies for fire extinguishment?

Fire under control and Loss Stopped

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