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When should an Accountability Officer be established?

-Second alarm or greater

-High Rise Emergencies

-When 2 or more Entry Control points are used

-Any incident that the IC believes it is required


Who should be designated Entry Control Person?

First arriving driver should be initial ECP, then the 3rd arriving driver should be appointed by IC, unless they are unable


What are the roles of the Accountability Officer?

-Collect Passports of already committed personnel

-Obtain ACC kit from DC vehicle or command post

-Situate themselves in close proximity to IC or the best advantage of accessibility and as a focal point to collect and return passports

-Obtain or be in close proximity to a radio

-Manage EC and Accountability and aid the IC by monitoring the location and assignment of personnel for the duration of the incident

-Assist in the tracking of personnel from each sector

-Conduct a par if ordered by IC


WHO are Sector officers responsible for?

Only FF in their personal sector


When should PAR be called?

-Fire Under Control and All Clear on all floors

-Report of missing personnel

-When mayday called



-Rapid fire extension

-Emergency Evacuation

-Switching from offensive to defensive


What is the difference between full and partial par?

Full is all personnel onscene

Partial is only personnel in the Hot Zone

*unless specified, ECP/Accountability shall call partial PAR


What is a running PAR?

Par called at the end of a transmission by the transmitter


When is running PAR to be called?

-Entering or exiting hot zone

-Change of location

-Change or completion of task

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