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What are first alarm responsibilities at high rise calls?

Determine location and particulars by speaking with employees or referring to fire annunciator when applicable

Access lock-box keys, take needed keys and leave other keys with trustworthy source

Establish Lobby Sector

Deliver initial Message, when available

Secure Elevators to ground floor

Assign Elevator operator (may also be Entry Control during operations)

Bring high-rise kit for potential operations


What order should IC ensure Search and Rescue is performed at high rise calls?

Location of Highest threat

Suite of origin

Fire Floor Hallway

Adjacent Suites to fire

Suites immediately above

Remainder of Suites on Fire Floor

All stairwells in full

Floor immediately below

Any other affected areas


Where is the forward staging located at high rise fires?

At least 2 Floors below the fire floor


What might ground or second floor incidents necessitate at high rise calls?

External Forward Staging Areas


What are three safety considerations at high rise calls?

Tactics do not compromise building protection devices

Ensure smoke is controlled

Ensure control of occupant evacuation and that evac routes are separate from emergency ops and smoke control


When should second/additional alarms be called?

Obvious fire progression to the point of:
-Further endanger the life and safety of occupants
-Spread horizontally on the fire floor or vertically in the building interior
-Break out to the building exterior with exposure threats


What order should multiple locations indicated on annunciator be checked?

Floor closest to ground then proceed up


What action should be taken when no problem is found on indicated floor?

Check floor above and below and if safe to do so, attempt alarm silencing


What should be the minimum distance an evacuee is moved initially at high rise call?

Three floors below the lowest involved floor or to a safe refuge area


How big should exclusions zones at high rise fires be to guard against falling debris?

At least 50 metres in all directions, initially


When fire or smoke discovered at a high rise call, how often do you update the message?

every 5 minutes


What actions should be taken for evacuation for high rises?

Key ONLY the involved/desired floors

Advise those floors to evacuate using X stairwell and not the elevators

Repeat message every 3 minutes

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