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Who determines the inner perimeter at an explosive device call?



What approximate size is the outer perimeter of an explosive device call?

300 Metre Radius


Who enters the inner perimeter at an explosive device call?

Police, fire only when directed by police


How is an explosive device incident referred via radio comms?

Police assist with further details via phone/mdu/pager/etc


What should be determined through Communications regarding an explosive device response?

Whether it's Emerg or Non-Emerg response


What discretion can the officer use upon approach in emerg response to an explosive device?

Whether to continue use of lights and sirens


What is the responsibility of the first arriving apparatus to an explosives call when police ARE onscene?

Make contact with police and use discretion when considering a staging area


What are the first arriving apparatus responsibilities WITHOUT police onscene for an explosive device?

Remain staged in an appropriate area and await police arrival


Who keeps communications between police and fire?

Incident Commander


What shall personnel do if an explosive device is found on a non-Explosive call?

-Quickly visualize the location and room conditions (to give info to police)

-Retreat to a minimum of 300 metres

-Evacuate all civilians within the immediate danger area


Why is discretion on radios important?

Radios may be monitored at a call such as this

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