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What considerations should be given during a medical response?

Personnel with broken facial skin wear a face shield in lieu of goggles/safety glasses

Proper PPE is worn at all times

Bring air-monitoring if seemingly necessary

All non-essential personnel are out of working area, including during transport phase

Notifying responding PRP and EMS of potential hazards


When should personnel upgrade PPE in medical situation?

When they feel it is warranted or directed by CAPTAIN


When should Medical Training Officer or alternate be contacted?

When more thorough decon and cleaning may be required and determine proper decon or retirement of exposed equipment


What shall be done if medical waste bag is too large for receptacle?

Place beside receptacle and notify A&M to contact disposal company and arrange pickup


What special precautions are to be taken during a pandemic?

Personnel wear pandemic specific PPE

Assess and care for patient from a distance of 2 metres, where possible


When Paramedics onscene prior and ready to perform patient care, what steps should Fire take?

Stage on-scene and request Fire Control confirm with CACC is fire required. If so, only personnel required will assist


What shall Captain do if fire arrives prior to EMS during pandemic?

Ensure patient contacted is limited to 1 FF, unless determined by Captain for additional help

Captain will remain at entrance, with proper PPE, and maintain eye-line or radio contact with FF


What shall happen if a possible unprotected exposure has occurred?

Notify immediate supervisor

Seek immediate medical care if needed

Fill out workplace illness/injury report


What shall a supervisor do when notified of an unprotected exposure?

Notify on-duty Designated Officer (DC or PC) ASAP


What shall a Captain ensure is on a DNR form?

Serial Number

Patient's name (spelled correctly)

Tick box confirming one of conditions has been met

Signature by nurse or physician

Date form was signed


What steps may be taken if valid DNR on file?

Interventions or therapies for palliative care or to alleviate pain
-provide 02, suction, etc (no life-saving measures)


What must Captain do regarding MAR form with DNR?

Document event in remarks section and document serial number of DNR


What shall be done if no DNR presented?

If caregivers/family claim DNR on file and deny access to patient, remain on-scene until EMS arrives to transfer care


Where is serial number located on DNR?

Top right hand corner

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