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What is the code used for Drug/Grow labs?

Code Green


What additional services are required when Code Green is discovered?



Fire Prevention



If hazardous materials are present/suspected, and no fire conditions exist, what steps shall the IC take?

Immediately remove personnel from scene

Consider a hazmat response


If hazmat is present, along WITH fire conditions, what actions are necessary?

Hazmat Response

Fight fire as per HAZMAT protocol


What is one key consideration for a Code Green?

Potential for hostile civilians to be present in the home


How is hydro dealt with in a Grow op?

Consider electrically de-energizing at the street, not the meter


How is hydro dealt with for a Clandestine lab?

Consider not shutting ANYTHING down, including hydro


When no immediate need for entry is present, what should IC consider prior to FF entry?

Hydro confirmed de-energized

Adequate ventilation for visibility has taken place

Recon takes place and all safety issues identified or controlled


What should the IC be cognisant about?

The scene is a crime scene. FF should withdraw after fire ops are completed and scene controlled until taken over by police.


What shall be be ensured, prior to scene termination/leaving the scene?

Natural Gas is shut off

Scene in care of police

Fire prevention briefed if necessary

Witness statements completed

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