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What are the three tactical priorities at a fire?

Life Safety

Incident Stabilization

Prevention of further loss and preservation of property


What are the three corresponding benchmarks to the tactical priorities?

All Clear

Under Control

Loss Stopped


When does size-up begin?

Enroute to the call


What should Captains be cognisant of when arriving on scene?

Placement of apparatus to allow for supplementary vehicles and aerial operations


What is required of first arriving apparatus' officer?

Provide initial report of scene to Control and responding apparatus

Perform initial Size-up and gather info

Begin to develop incident plan

Assign duties to apparatus personnel

Relay any other pertinent info to Control and incoming apparatus


What is in the initial report?



Type of structure

Size of structure

Building construction, if known

Designation of Alpha side

Brief report of conditions

Captain is assuming command


What is the purpose of the 360?

Better formulate an IAP

Locate hazards

Attempt to assess floors above and below fire

Attempt to determine if content or structure involved fire


What info can be gathered from homeowners?

Everyone's status from the structure

If some one is still inside:
-Where they think they are
-How many
-How old
-Where last seen

Fire location

What's burning

How to get to it


What pertinent information shall be relayed to Fire Control and incoming apparatus?

Operational mode (offensive, defensive)

Tactics being employed

Status of occupants

Location of Fire

Request for additional resources

Downgrade other apparatus when required

Any other information


When entering the hot zone, what shall the first arriving officer notify Fire Control of?

If they are going mobile command


What considerations should be taken for continuing offensive strategies?

Smoke and Fire conditions

Are FF gaining control of fire

Is structure being threatened by fire

Are interior FFs close to an exit

Is good control and comms being maintained with interior crews?

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