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Who can call MAYDAY?

Any personnel in trouble

IC or ISO who cannot account for individuals

Any personnel who witnessed or has first hand knowledge of someone in trouble


What steps should be considered or taken when MAYDAY is called?

Upgrading alarm, deploying RIT and/or additional RIT

Confirm ID, Location and situation of personnel calling MAYDAY

When necessary, request emergency alert tones to enhance priority messages being sent

Conduct a PAR, starting with personnel in immediate area

Ensure other crews not involved in MAYDAY efforts continue their assigned tasks

Brief and Deploy RIT and assign a second RIT team to standby

Assign EMS to entry point or a safe, close location outside hot zone

Notify Fire Control to announce conclusion of MAYDAY event


What options can be taken for communications during a MAYDAY?

Direct all personnel not immediately involved with RIT operations to limit transmissions to essential info only


Designate a second channel for operations not involved in the RIT/MAYDAY operations


What are the duties of a Sector Officer in the event of a MAYDAY?

Maintain current assignments

Cease all comms on that channel

Conduct a PAR within your sector

Notify IC in the event of a MAYDAY

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