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What are the expected dates for completing pub ed?

May 1st - Oct 31st


How many hours a month are fire crews expected to provide pub ed?



How should a Captain choose the pub ed to be performed?

Access the Portal, choose a program based on statistical information in their run area


With regards to pub ed, Captains shall ensure what?

Crews are familiar with policy

7 hours is completed May 1 - Oct 31

All activities are logged on portal

Appropriate supplies are obtained through d-11


How long maximum can an employee extend their 24 hour shift?

4 hours


Who approves shift changes?

Captains approve FFs, DCs approve Captains


For partial shift changes (less than 10 hours) what provisions must be considered?

Equal qualifications between exchanging personnel

They will not interrupt scheduled training or assignments

Exchangers must arrange own transport

Personnel should advise Officers well in advance so as to afford the opportunity to make other arrangements if necessary


When will an actor receive acting pay for a shift change?

When the Captain repaying them works a day that the actor was scheduled to act


What are the yearly maximums for shift changes?

168 hours

Max 24 partial or 7 full shifts

May be exceeded up to 216 hours at DC discretion if training and department objectives are being met

Can exceed 216 by PC approval in extreme circumstances


When can mid-shift time owing be booked?

The day of the requested time owing only


What are the temperatures for heat and cold warnings?

Heat: 31C+ daytime, 20C+ nighttime, 40C+ humidex

Cold: -30C for two+ hours

Extreme Heat = 2 consecutive days

Extended Heat = 3 days or more


What constitutes severe thunderstorm warnings?

90km/h+ winds

2cm+ sized hail or heavy rainfall


What should be done when there is extreme weather but no warnings in effect?

Consideration must be made whether to continue or postpone activities. If activities continue, rest areas must be established and rest time must be equal to that of work time


What happens in the case of a Heat Warning Alert during non-emergency activities?

Continue the activities until 31C is reached (including humidex)


What is a Captain's station check responsibilities?

Exit lights working/exit not blocked

Alarm system lamp operational and not in trouble mode

Weekly Generator test

Monthly Workplace Inspection Checklist and upload to portal

Monthly Fire Protection Equipment Maint. log is filled out and current


What shall a Captain do when an apparatus is involved in an MVC?

Contact EMS if required and render first aid

Protect scene and persons involved

Notify police of ALL incidents

Notify DC

If damage in excess of 2500, on-duty Platoon Chief will be notified

If injuries, Chief and Health and Safety notified

If serious vehicle damage or mechanical failure is suspected, contact Division Chief of A&M and Health and Safety Rep

No admission of guilt, let claimants do the talking, do not volunteer information

Fill out INCIDENT REPORT, including police occurrence number. Forward to admin immediately.

Photographs to be taken if possible

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