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If a doctor is seen after any exposure, what form is required?

Workplace injury/illness form


What form is required, in addition to a workplace injury/illness form, for an injury responding to and during an incident?

Casualty Report


When is a medical assessment form (MAF) required to be filled out?

Non-occupational illness/injury

After 36 consecutive hours sick

Coming back on Mod

Coming back on full duty

Coming from mod to full duty

Coming back to full duty from chest pains


How often must a MAF be submitted if on mod duties or off sick?



When is a Functional Abilities Form (FAF) to be used?

On duty injury

Coming back to Full duties after workplace injury

Every workplace injury resulting in lost time or medical care

Monthly on mod or off sick


What additional form can be provided to doctors when explaining what is required, physically, of a FF when completing a MAF or FAF?

Physical Demands Form (PDF)


What info is to be obtained at an MVC on the required info card?

Investigating police force

Report no (for each vehicle involved)



Residential street (y or n)

HWY 410/407 (y or n)

Resident or Non-Resident

Licence plate (each vehicle involved)

Make/Model (each veh inv)

Colour (ea veh inv)

Owner (ea veh inv)

Insurance company and policy (ea veh inv)



Services performed

Cause of emergency

Location of Emergency

Obstruction (lanes blocked or no)

Highway/MTO property damaged


What are the 6 WHMIS classes?

A: Compressed Gas

B: Flammable/Combustible Material

C: Oxidizers

D: Toxic/Biohazard

E: Corrosive

F: Dangerously Reactive


What is a CEL, ceiling exposure limit?

Threshold which should never be exceeded, even for an instant


What is the short term exposure limit?

Max 15 minutes, 4 times daily. At least 60 minutes in between bouts


What is the Time Weighted average?

8 hours a day, 40 hours work week exposure without adverse effect

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