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What hours is an open air fire, with permit, allowed?

Daylight hours only


What Minimum distance must be maintained for an open air fire from structures, obstructions, etc?

10 metres


What wind velocity may not be exceeded for an open air burn or cooking fire?

24 km/h


Who must be in attendance for an open air burn or cooking fire?

A person competent enough to supervise and extinguish said fire, and is in constant attendance while fire is burning


What must be ensured by attendees prior to leaving the area of an open air burn or cooking fire?

Fire is fully extinguished


What is the minimum distance for combustibles around an open air burn or cooking fire?

5 metres


What type of products must an open air fire NOT contain?

Rubber, plastics, toxic materials, etc

Materials known to create extensive smoke


What act must be complied with in regards to an open air burn?

Environmental Protection act, R.S.O. 1990, c.E.19


What distances must be maintained for cooking fires?

5 metres from structure, obstruction, etc


What is the maximum size for a cooking fire?

0.5 square metres and no more than 0.5 metres in height


How must a cooking fire be contained?

In a metal or masonry container, with metal mesh on top not exceeding 0.5 inch openings


What are the 3 different numbers of days for fire permits? And, what is the allowable fire size?

1, 7, and 28 days

Fire not to exceed 1 square metre and one metre in height


If NOT during a specified holiday, what must be obtained for the use of fireworks?

A fireworks permit


When are fireworks permitted to be used without a specific permit?

New years Eve, Victoria Day, Canada Day and Diwali


What times are fireworks permitted to be used?

Dusk and 2300 hrs


What are the fees, per hour, for a truck response to any incident OTHER than subsequent false alarms?

485/hr/truck, 242.50/hr/truck every half hour or part thereof thereafter


What are the fees for 2nd or subsequent false alarms at the same address per calendar year?

$566 per alarm/occurrence

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