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What shall be done upon arrival of an unsuspected hazmat?

Leave immediate area
Initiate a hazmat response
Conduct a risk/hazard assessment


Where should apparatus be placed/approach from?

Upwind, uphill when possible

Beyond ERG recommended evacuation distance (may change upon hazmat arrival)

Off the incident property in such a manner to restrict vehicle access to property (exception - large enough building that first officer may place on property while still maintaining safe distance)

Outside agencies to warm zone


What is the role of the first arriving apparatus to a hazmat incident?

Determine hot, warm and cold zones and relay over radio

Make all reasonable attempts to remove civilians from area

Control entry/exit of hot and warm zones

Gather information (what hazmat, injuries/number involved, actions taken, etc)

Utilize employees' expertise

Protect on-scene personnel by isolating or evacuating as required. Consider using transit, remote locations or neighbouring buildings

Request assistance beyond regular scope where required
-Company Rep
-Peel spills


What steps are to be taken if entry is to be made prior to Hazmat arrival?

Establish decon zone with charged 45, personnel in full gear and SCBA

Ensure location is suitable and run-off can be controlled


What is to be considered in a hazard/risk if rescue in hot zone is required?

-How great is the risk?
-How long will rescue take?
-What are victim's chances or survival?


What role shall the first arriving officer take at a HAZMAT call?

Hazmat Sector Officer until delegated to another officer


What are the roles of a HAZMAT Sector officer?

Confirm with IC regarding removing nonessential personnel from area

Appoint personnel as Research and Information Sector

Advise IC if protect in place is to be considered

Control size/location of zones and move as necessary

Determine hazards and risks
-Nature of HAZMAT (toxicity, flammability, reactivity)
-Quantity of HAMAT
-Containment system and stress applied to container
-Level of available resources

Attempt to identify all hazmats involved and hazardous conditions. When hazmat cannot be identify, deem worst case scenario

Designate entry and back-up teams when necessary

Coordinate with all other Sector officers

Ensure proper operation of decon


What roles does the Entry officer assume at a hazmat?

All entry into hot zone

Proper PPE selection and donning

Minimum teams of 2, entry and back-up established

Plan is in place and has been relayed to entry teams

Reports to HSO

Relays comm from entry teams to HSO and IC

Organizes and assigns all entry sector designated personnel

Over sees entry, backup, recon and RIT

Tracks on air time for entry team

Maintains a log for all entry sector personnel


Roles of Decon officer?

Reports to HSO

Organizes Decon sector personnel

Selection of Decon level

Ensured decon area properly prepared

Ensure decon properly performed

Ensure proper handling of contaminated items


Roles of Safety officer at HAZMAT?

Reports to HSO

Ensures zones established and communicated to onscene personnel

Ensures zone marking and control

Ensures id and analysis of involved products completed and communicated to HSO

Ensures a hazard/risk analysis is completed

Overall scene safety


Role of Research and Info sector at HAZMAT

Conduct any research required

Coordinate with 3rd parties (CANUTEC, etc)


Where is waste material to be collected after HAZMAT?

Over-Pack drum, sealed and left for third party clean-up


When should a Captain call for emergency/gross decon?

Any incident where personnel or occupants have been exposed to potentially harmful environments or contaminates


What shall be worn during the entire decon process by the personnel being deconed?



Where and how should personnel decontamination with a handline be performed if possible?

Grassy area, 45 on low pressure with wide fog


Where is SCBA and PPE removal performed after decon?

Warm zone


When should mass decon be implemented?

Upon recognition of any incident involving a large number of people potentially exposed


What agencies should be involved with mass decon?

Police, EMS and BFES Hazmat


What is of utmost consideration during mass decon regarding the affected public?

Respecting their dignity/privacy


What can be used as a decon shower if possible?

Aerial stream


What are the three types of Decon?





What info shall be collected during a hazmat fire by first arriving personnel?

Materials involved

Chemical Names


Containment Systems


What consideration should be taken with water application at a hazmat fire?

Not to disrupt containers of Hazmat materials

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