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When is it acceptable for FF to remove their SCBA?

Hot zone ventilated and cooled for 24 hours

IC deemed optional


What are the policies regarding hair/grooming?

BFES P&P 99-02 and CSA Z94.4


What are the intervals from pre-alarm to full alarm on an SCBA?

20 seconds for first stage alarm, 12 seconds to full alarm requiring reset


How can Radio Frequency Interference be minimized/eliminated when using SCBA?

Maintain a safe distance from truck mounted or base station transmitting antennas

Keep hand held radio antennas and other radio antennas at least 6 inches away from control console or sensor module


How do you test SCBA batteries?

While SCBA is off, press and hold reset button


How far should SCBA units be stored from interfering antennas or fire devices?

Minimum 2 feet


How should air management be controlled in IDLH environments?

Personnel shall exit building prior to consumption of reserve air begins


What shall happen when a crew member reaches 1/2 cylinder of air?

Notify Captain and crew, crew prepares to exit, Captain radios IC to notify of reason and action of exiting building


When are personnel expected to be out of dangerous environments?

Before 1/3 air supply and low-air alarm activation

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