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What is the max temperature for gear washing and drying?

40 C/ 105 F


What two stations, other than A&M, have gear washers?

206 & 213


What are the signs of Heat stress?

High core temp

Weak, rapid pulse

Shallow, rapid breathing

Blurred vision and dizziness


Loss of consciousness

Skin pale, cold, clammy


Nausea and vomiting


Who should be assigned to monitor FFs in a rest area?

Rehab and Medics


When should vitals be RECHECKED in resting firefighters to check recovery rate?

5 Minutes


How much rest should a FF be given during incidents?

Equivalent to exertion time


What is considered high ambient temperature for working conditions requiring rest?

20 C


How long can a FF work before requiring rest?

45 minutes or one cylinder


What does CBRNE stand for?

Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, Explosive


What is required for a possible biohazard contamination on gear requiring special cleaning?

Gear into BIO bag

BIO bag into clear bag

Label between bags

Place in black manufacturer's bags and have A&M pickup gear


Who should Captain's contact for repairs to bunker gear?

Supply and Equipment officer, who then contacts outside provider


What must accompany bunker gear for annual inspection?

Laundry tag and Special cleaning tagged labeled "Annual Inspection"


When can a supervisor initiate decon protocols?

Whenever they feel it is required


Where is decon to be set-up?

Warm zone


What can be done to minimize bed bug contamination while dealing with patients?

Do not place med bags where bedbugs may be

Stand when dealing with patients, where possible

Inspect everything after leaving a call


Who is to be notified if a bedbug contamination is detected or suspected in fire station or on clothing?

DC or PC

Division Chief of A&M

Joint Health and Safety committee


What is to be done with bedbugs in linen or clothing?

Double bag everything

Note infestation on laundry tag

Ensure personnel handling gear know what's going on


What is to be done to areas in fire station believed to be infested?

Inspect everywhere bugs can hide

Vacuum thoroughly, then empty vacuum immediately into garbage bag, tie bag and discard


What is one way to control potential asbestos?

Wetting suspected surfaces to minimize fibre disruption


When trained personnel are unavailable to de-energize equipment for lockout, What can BFES do?

Take necessary steps to prevent further injury to patients and ensure safety of FFs performing rescue


What needs to be considered about equipment prior to lockout/tagout?

Amount and type of hazards or energy

Method of controlling main source

Potential Secondary energy sources or reserves (batteries, full pipes, pistons, etc)

More than one type of energy involved


What should be done after lockout to ensure lockout was successful?

Attempt to re-start equipment through normal procedures after cribbing is in place


Who retains the lockout key?

Person in charge of performing the lockout


Who can remove a lockout lock?

ONLY the person responsible for the lockout


What is blanking off?

Capping or sealing a pipe or line that transports hazardous materials


Why is blanking off required instead of just closing a valve?

Valves often leak and can still pose a risk


What should be done with equipment that cannot be locked out?

Place tag close to energy isolating device and assign personnel to stand-by, with a radio, to ensure the power is not inadvertently switched back on


Who shall be notified of lockout removal?

IC or Safety Officer


When shall another lock be attached by the responsible party during lockout/tagout?

Prior to BFES lock removal?


What shall be documented for lockout/tagout?

Staff applying locks/tags

Maintenance staff onscene

Personnel responsible for removing locks/tags

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