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When can photographs be taken at a fire scene?

When it's determined they may assist the investigation


What should be done as soon as Arson is suspected?

Secure the scene and notify whomever required


Other than where necessary to suppress fire and prevent extension, when should overhaul be conducted?

Post fire investigation


What role does a Captain take during fire investigations?

IC during nights, weekends and holidays


What should be considered before determining the scene safe for investigation?

Air quality

Environment hazards

Structural integrity

Any other hazard


When investigation completed, what should the IC ensure?

Scene is secured and coordinate with police


What should a Captain make sure happens with their crew when a fire is under investigation and/or something suspicious or unusual is noted?

Witness Reports are completed


What should a Captain do upon arrival at an alarm with no fire conditions?

Attempt to contact individuals on premise

Locate key box and obtain keys

Notify Comms if intrusion alarm is a concern

Attempt to locate annunciator or alarm panel

Make announcements where appropriate


What shall be done during a failure to reset?

Notify owner/tenant to have qualified rep repair the system ASAP

Issue Notice to Rectify

Advise them to contact fire comms to take system off line

Advise that leaving system in alarm still provides building monitoring, just not for area of the initial alarm

Advise to conduct a fire watch until issue has been corrected


When can alarm bells be silenced?

Only when investigation is complete, during voice comms or during actual firefighting operations


Why shouldn't a radio be used directly in front of an alarm panel?

Radio waves may damage unit


What shall be done when no access is determined for an alarm?

Confirm a key-holder has been notified

Confirm time the incident was received by Comms

Confirm estimated time of arrival of key-holder

Perform a thorough 360, using a TIC


How long must apparatus wait from time received until arrival of key holder?

30 minutes, apparatus may be made available during this time


What is to be done when no key holder response and no access can be gained to an alarm?

Check thoroughly

Notice to Rectify left in prominent place

Leave scene


What is to be noted for NTRs on RESIDENTIAL occupancies?

For homeowners' info only, no follow-up required


When is forced entry permitted at a no-access alarm call?

Visible fire signs

Visible, non-stop water flow

Obvious potential for immediate danger to life and/or property (strong odour of flammable substances, etc)

Reasonable probability that a medical emergency prompted the alarm

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