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Define: life expectancy

an indication of how long a person can expect to live; it is the number of years of life remaining to a person at a particular age if death rates do not change.


can life expectancy be measured from different ages (not just birth?)



what happens to life expectancy as age increases and why?

it also increases, as it takes people who have died before that certain age out of the equation.


Advantage of life expectancies?

Provides useful comparision between different countries and population groups, helping govs...


disadvantage of life expectancy?

Doesn't provide info on quality of life, or specific health issues facing people


Define: HALE

a measure of burden of disease, based on life expectancy at birth, but including an adjustment for time spent in poor health. It is the number of years in full health that a person can expect to live, based on current rates of ill health and mortality.


Define: mortality

number of deaths in the population caused by a particular disease, illness or other environmental factor.


Define: mortality rate

): measure of the proportion of a population who die in a one year period (usually per 100,000)


Define: U5MR

the number of deaths of children under five years of age per 1000 live births.


Define: maternal mortality rate

the number of deaths of women who are either pregnant, or are within the first 42 days after giving birth or having a termination, expressed per 100,000 live births.


Define: morbidity

: ill health in an individual and the levels of ill health in a population or group


what do morbidity rates measure?

incidence and prevalence


Define: incidence

number or rate of new cases of disease during a specified time (usually 12 months)


Define: prevalence

The number or proportion of cases of a particular disease or condition present in a population at a given time


Define: burden of disease

a measure of the impact of diseases and injuries; specifically it measures the gap between current health status and an ideal situation where everyone lives to an old age free of disease and disability. It is measured by DALY's./


how is BOD measured?

disability adjusted life years


Define: disability adjusted life year

a measure of BOD, one DALY equals one year of healthy life lost due to premature death and time lived with illness, disease or injury.


How are DALY's calculated?

by adding YLL (years of life lost due to premature death) and YLD (years lost due to disability, illness or injury).


How is YLD calculated?

complex formula which takes into account the severity/impact upon life of a condition (eg. alzheimers higher than asthma)