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Describe the interrelation of glucose and insulin

• The body’s preferred source of energy, obtained from breaking down carbohydrates. When glucose levels rise, there is an increase in insulin to let it be used by cells.


Define: insulin resistance/impaired glucose regulation

when the body becomes resistant to the action of insulin – which can lead to type 2 diabetes and cv disease.


What specifically can cause it?

Excess abdominal fat


how can it be treated?

weight loss, diet, quitting smoking, managing stress


generally caused by?

• Obesity (particularly around abdomen)
o High LDL cholesterol
o High blood pressure
o Lack of exercise
o High fat diet/sugar?
o Alcohol consumption
• Smoking
• Genetic predisposition
• Stress
• Pregnancy (gestational diabetes)
• Low birth weight


can lead to?

• Cardiovascular disease
• Kidney disease
• Premature death
• Reduced social interaction
• Stress