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How is body weight measured?

BMI and waist circumference


BMI formula?

(Weight kg)/[Height (m)]^2


Categories for BMI?

o Under 18.5 is underweight.
o 18.6-24.9 is healthy weight
o 25-29.9 is overweight
o Over 30 is obese.


Why is waist circumference better than BMI?

Shows fat distribution (especially around the waist) (also BMI doesn't show muscle distribution


Waist circumferences that increase risk of ill health?

o 88cm for females and 102cm for males


Difference between pear shaped and apple shaped?

Pear shaped = fat around buttocks and thighs
APple shaped = fat around abdomen


WHy is apple shaped more dangerous

Fat distributed around vital organs which can lead to a range of conditions


Body weight is caused by:

• Genetic predisposition
• Dietary behaviour – consuming more energy than what you use can lead to it.
• Lack of exercise (as above)


High body weight can lead to

• Obesity
• High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and respiratory problems
• High blood cholesterol
• Impaired glucose regulation and type 2 diabetes
• Some cancers (eg. colorectal)
• Arthiritis
• Self esteem issues and depression
• Social exclusion