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Define: health status

an individual’s or a population’s overall health, taking into account various aspects such as life expectancy, amount of disability and levels of disease risk factors.


how is health status measured?

by health indicators


Define: health indicators

: standard statistics that are used to measure and compare health status


What are the 9 health indicators? *

life expectancy, U5MR, mortality, morbidity, HALE, BOD, DALYS, incidence, prevalence


What dimension takes the majority of health data and why?

Physical, its the easiest?


How can mental and social health be measured?

By depression rates and level of community involvement.


WHy is it important to measure health data of particular groups and not just the whole population?

As the whole pop its an average and might not reflect groups (eg. aboriginal australians)


Why are health indicators important?

Allow us to measure and make judgements of health of individuals, groups and pops
Help gov and groups identify trends, to make necessary changes


Define: trend

general change or movement in a particular direction