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How are genetics determined?

at fertilisation, when sperm and egg fuse to form a zygote. 23 pairs of chromosomes inc sex chromosomes


Define: gene mutation

DNA in a cell is damaged or changed, which permanently alters the cell’s genetic information.


Define: genetic predisposition to disease

When genes don't directly cause a condition but make them more likely to develop it


Caused by?

Gene mutation
Genetic predisposition


Can lead to?

• Gender differences in conditions
o Males more likely to have haemophilia (blood doesn’t clot, and X-linked recessive)
o Women can’t get prostate/testicular cancer
o Men can’t get ovarian cancer, and are less likely to get breast cancer due to smaller breasts
• Gene mutations can lead to genetic conditions (eg. Downs Syndrome)


Define: genetic conditions

conditions as a direct result of a cell’s genetic information