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• Higher rates of being overweight/obese
• Higher rates of high blood cholesterol, and related conditions
• Higher rates of hypertension
• Higher rate of low birth weight infants (possibly due to higher maternal smoking rates)



• Higher rates of tobacco smoking
• Higher rates of alcohol consumption at risky levels in moth short and long term
• Lower levels of physical activity



• Lower incomes, more people rely on social security
• Higher rates of unemployment
• Less access to healthcare – lower ratio of GP’s,
• More likely to experience food insecurity due to lack of access and high costs
• Early life experiences – higher rates of maternal smoking
• Higher rates of community participation
• Social isolation due to geographical barriers


Physical environment?

• Road conditions
o Poorer, including poorly lit at night
o Longer driving times and distances, higher speed limits
o More wildlife
• Reduced proximity to resources such as healthcare, transport, food, employment, recreational facilities
• Greater hardship with regards to climate, and feel effects of climate change more
• Less access to fluoridated water


Health status outcomes?

• Lower life expectancy (decreases as level of remoteness increases)
• Higher mortality rates
• Higher rates of avoidable deaths
• Higher rates of injury
• Higher rates of preventable cancers, cvd, coronary heart disease, diabetes