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Members will not _____ with, ____, or ______ the making of any complaint of the investigation thereof.

Interfere / Discourage / Delay


Which department, under the authority of the Board of Police Commissioners, assists the Board in carrying out its duties and responsibilities as an oversight agency under the provisions of the Missouri Revised Statutes, Section 84.430.

Office of Community Complaints (OCC)


Members will identify themselves by ______ and ____ _____ when requested to do so by any individual.

Name / Badge or Serial Number


The _______ of _______ is the final authority to impose discipline for incidents involving formal complaints referred by the OCC.

Chief of Police


True/False: A complaint will be accepted at any police facility, regardless of the location of the occurrence, or the subject member's assignment.



Once a complaint form has been completed, a _________ or _______ will interview the complainant in an attempt to determine if the complaint can be resolved without a formal investigation.

Commander or Supervisor