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Definition: A position responsible for being on-call at all times to respond immediately to situations as needed.

Standby Responsibilities


Definition: An assignment/position subject to shared 24-hour on-call basis, which can vary by time period and personnel.

Call Back


Definition: Marked vehicles donated, grant funded and/or leased, that may be required by their funding source to be driven for high visibility in the community.

High Visibility Vehicles


Definition: Vehicles approved as take-home due to lack of parking, potential for vehicle damage if left parked overnight, and the need for security with regard to vehicle assignment.

Security/Parking Issues


________ _______ ________ as defined by the IRS Code, is a vehicle that does not have painted insignias or words that would otherwise clearly identify the vehicle as a police vehicle.

Unmarked Police Vehicle


Only the ______ of _______, or designee, can approve take-home vehicle assignments.

Chief of Police


Department Vehicles are assigned for ________ ________ _________ only.

Police Related Business


Department vehicles being used for personal reasons that fall under the status of standby responsibility and call back responsibility will remain within a ______ mile radius of the corporate city limits of Kansas City, MO.

Fifty (50)


_________ __________ will review their respective authorized take-home vehicle assignment lists approved by the Chief of Police annually.

Bureau Commanders


Private vehicle used for police business will be ________ and will be authorized by the member's Bureau Commander.