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All personnel will properly inventory, maintain accountability of, and provide security for _______ _______ recovered from detainees by complying with the procedures outlines in this directive.

Personal Property


Firearms recovered from detainees will be held up to how many days, and will be released in accordance with local, state, or federal laws.
a. Seven (7) calendar
b. Seven (7) business
c. Five (5) calendar
d. Five (5) business

A. Seven (7) calendar


All U.S. currency removed from a detainee, totaling $ ______ or more, will be verified by a desk Sergeant.

$250.00 or more


True/False: Department members are allowed to properly dispense prescription medications, as long as all instructions are followed.

False (unless it is an emergency situation, as in an Epi pen)


All property will be inventoried in view of the _____ ______, in the event a complaint is filed.

Video Camera


Any property taken after initial booking will be added into ______.



The inmate will be asked to sign the ____ _____ _____, to acknowledge accuracy of the listed property.

Inmate Property Receipt


Foreign currency will be listed at _____ value and handle in accordance with the guidelines set forth in this written directive.



True/False: The detainee, while in custody, may release some personal property to a responsible party.

False - they must release all or none


If the detainee claims missing property, a Detainee's Missing Property Report will be completed and the original will be forwarded to the _________ _________.

Bureau Commander