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Definition: State of extreme mental and physiological excitement, characterized by extreme agitation, hyperthermia extreme tearing of the eyes, hostility, exceptional strength, etc...

Agitated/Excited Delirium


Definition: A replaceable cartridge which uses compressed gases to fire probes on connecting wires, sending a high voltage/low current signal into a subject.

Air Cartridge


Definition: A weapon primarily designed to disrupt a subject's central nervous system by means of deploying electrical energy sufficient to cause uncontrolled muscle contractions and override an individual's voluntary motor responses.

Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW)


Definition: Any use of force that is likely to cause death or serious bodily injury.

Deadly Force


Definition: The Department member who has control of and activates the CEW.

Deploying Department Member


Definition: Any activation of a CEW at an animal or human being, even if the probes miss the intended target.



Definition: When the CEW is activated and the probes do not deploy or an electrical arc is not observed between the electrodes affixed to the front of the CEW.



Definition: Any use of force other than that which is considered deadly.

Non-Deadly Force


Definition: A de-escalation technique used when law enforcement officers determine there is time to disengage and re-evaluate a situation and assemble the proper resources, equipment, and personnel.

Strategic Re-Deployment


Department members are not to strike anyone in the _______ with a weapon, except in situations where its use is objectively reasonable considering the totality of the circumstances.



Once a subject is under control and handcuffed, Department members will place the subject on his/her ______, or in a ________ position while awaiting transportation to a detention facility.

Side / Seated


True/False: Department members may handcuff and leg shackle an arrestee's hands and feet together if the subject is unruly (commonly known as a hog tie).

False - Never do this, never ever ever


Department members are cautioned not to use the ______ method on subjects that have been sprayed with OC spray, except in situations where its use it objectively reasonable considering the totality of the circumstances.



Following the use of non-deadly force, ____ ______ ________ will be provided or obtained for any individual if deemed necessary by the member or if requested by the individual.

Immediate Medical Attention


If a subject appears to be exhibiting signs of agitated/excited delirium, the department member will request ______ _____ _____, and a _______ to the scene.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) / Supervisor


If a department member uses the CEW, they will not attempt to remove the probe if located in which five (5) areas?

Face, Neck, Ear, Breast, Groin


Department members are authorized to use deadly force in order to protect themselves or others from what they _______ ______ is an _____ _____ of death or serious bodily harm.

Reasonably Believe / Immediate Threat


Each CEW activation will be recorded and logged online on the ____ _____ _____, Form 150 P.D.

CEW Incident Log