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Definition: A citizen and employee of a foreign country authorized to provide assistance on behalf of a foreign government to that same government's citizens in a foreign country.

Consular Officer


Definition: An officer of a foreign government assigned to an embassy in Washington, D.C. Many are authorized by their government to perform consular functions.



Definition: Exclusion from federal or local jurisdiction accorded under the international law to certain accredited diplomatic, consular, or other official personnel of foreign countries.

Diplomatic Immunity


Definition: Any person who is not a U.S. citizen or a person, who owes permanent allegiance to a foreign country, including holders of legal permanent residence (green card holders).

Foreign National


Definition: Any person not a citizen or a national of the United States (formerly known as "alien"), who has entered the United States illegally or has violated the conditions of his/her admission.

Undocumented/Unauthorized Foreign Nationals


All undocumented/unauthorized foreign nationals are subject to ______ ______, which regulate entry and conditions for their stay in the United States.

Immigration Laws


Only _________ ________ have the authority to detain and arrest suspected undocumented/unauthorized foreign nationals for violations of the immigration laws.

Immigration Officers


Officers shall _____ detain or arrest a person for being a suspected undocumented/unauthorized foreign national if no other charges exist (but may do so for criminal charges).



_______ shall be notified immediately of all persons arrested on city, state, or federal criminal charges who are suspected of being undocumented/unauthorized foreign nationals.



Before a suspected undocumented/unauthorized foreign national posts bond on a bondable violation, the arresting officer will determine if ICE is requesting a _____ on the individual.



The United States and other foreign countries are parties to ______ and other agreements requiring, among other things, consular notification and access for arrested foreign nationals.



Federal law requires that most foreign nationals carry ______ ______ with them at all times while in the United States.

Immigration Documents


In October 2000, Congress passed the ________ of ______ and ________ _________ _______.

Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act


As part of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, Congress sought to strengthen the ability of law enforcement agencies to _____, _____, and ______ crimes against foreign nationals.

Detect, Investigate, and Prosecute


Any officer aware of a foreign national who is seeking _______ will provide protection for them until ICE can be contacted.



Any time a request for asylum is made, the member will complete a report in the ARS using the Nation of Call _______ - __________.

REQ-ASYL-Request for Asylum


Who has full diplomatic immunity from arrest, detention, prosecution, and body searches for any criminal offense?

Diplomats and members of their families, and Members of the Administrative and technical staff of diplomatic countries