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All members will abide by the city traffic ordinances and state motor vehicle laws and regulations, unless operating _____ _____.

Code One


Members will not initiate a vehicle pursuit for a ______ ______ violation, ______, or ______ ______ unless the suspect vehicle or occupant has been involved in a dangerous felony, or where the suspect vehicle or occupant presents a clear and immediate danger to the safety of others.

Serious Traffic / DUI / Stolen Auto


Pursuits are prohibited against the traffic flow of a divided highway unless permission is given by the supervisor. ________ in the correct direction on the highway is permitted.



The _____ technique may be used by members who have successfully completed approved training and are currently assigned to Tactical Response Teams and Street Crimes Unit Tactical Response Teams.



Definition: Kansas City, Missouri Police Department supervisor or commander who assumes verbal control of the pursuit.

Controlling Supervisor/Commander


Definition: A felony, that involves an actual or threatened attack that the member has reasonable cause to believe could result or has resulted in death or serious bodily injury.

Dangerous Felony


Definition: A reasonable belief that a crime is about to be committed, is being committed, or has been committed involving injury or threat of injury to any person, property, or governmental interest and such officer's response is reasonably necessary to prevent or end such emergency situation or mitigate likelihood of injury involved in such emergency situation.



Definition: An emergency police vehicle traveling with activated red lights and siren.

Emergency Operation/Code One


Definition: A police vehicle equipped with a siren and one or more red lights.

Emergency Police Vehicle


Definition: The brief activation of red lights and/or siren to gain the driver's attention.

Momentary Activation


Definition: The operation of police vehicles parallel to the pursuit route operating in a Code One capacity.



Definition: An event which occurs when a member operating a police vehicle attempts to stop a vehicle by activating both the red lights and siren, and the driver of the pursued vehicle refuses to stop or tries to avoid capture by using high speed driving or other evasive tactics.



Definition: A police vehicle that initiates or assumes control of the pursuit and is the vehicle closest to the pursued vehicle.

Primary Pursuit Vehicle


Definition: A police vehicle that directly follows the primary pursuit vehicle at a sade distance.

Secondary Pursuit Vehicle


Definition: Any other police vehicles that become involved in a pursuit.

Other Pursuit Vehicles


Definition: Any vehicle or motorcycle manufactured for the sole purpose of law enforcement or governmental use receiving certification by the Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office.

Pursuit Rated


Definition: Any restriction or obstruction utilized or intended for the purpose of preventing free passage of a motor vehicle.



Definition: In the context of "fresh pursuit", constant visual contact is not required. Uf a vehicle or person goes momentarily out-of-sight but immediately comes back into sight, he sworn member would not have lost contact within the meaning of the statute.

Significant Passage of Time


Definition: A car to car contact technique to disable another vehicle, designed to intervene for the purpose of de-escalating or resolving the situation in the interest of public safety,

Tactical Vehicle Intervention (TVI)


Definition: Pursuits may be stopped by decision of the pursuing member, by order of a supervisor/commander, or when the suspect vehicle stops.



Definition: A manually deployed device containing hollow steel spikes which when struck causes a rapid, controlled deflation of a vehicle tire.

Tire Deflation Device (No one calls it that - they are "Stop Sticks"!!)


Definition: An intersection where neither direction has any type of traffic control.

Uncontrolled Intersection


Is this policy even necessary since you aren't allowed to chase anyways?

Nope, no it is not


True/False: My fingers hurt and are literally freezing up from typing too much.



During emergency operation, members will drive with ____ ____ for the safety of all persons.

Due Regard


Members will not initiate a vehicle pursuit unless they determine that there is a reasonable belief that the suspect vehicle or occupant presents a ________ and _______ danger to the safety of others.

Clear and Immediate

(No, not Clear and Present Danger like the movie, even though that was my first thought too)


Name the two (2) types of vehicles that should not become involved in a pursuit.

Motorcycle / Unmarked Vehicle