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What does DRAGNET stand for?

Data Research and Analysis for Geographic Narcotics Enforcement Targets.


The DRAGNET is a computer tracking system established for the purpose of _________ _________ of sales and consumers of illegal substances.

Targeting Locations


The DRAGNET records database is available for officers to search for information regarding _________ __________ activity in their zones, sectors, and districts.

Controlled Substance


When department members suspect or become aware of a location that is involved in the distribution of illegal controlled substances, they will complete a ___________ ________ _______ _______, Form 115 P.D.

Suspected Narcotics Activity Report


When a department member initiates a Suspected Narcotics Activity Report, an original case report number ______ ______ be required.

Will Not


The __________ _________ _________ _________ will be completed by law enforcement personnel whenever a narcotic-related arrest or enforcement action is taken against an individual or at a location involved in controlled substance activity.

Narcotics Enforcement Activity Report


Name the two (2) options for the general public to report suspected controlled substance activity.

Call the TIPS hotline or utilize the public online reporting form found on the website