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Definition: A generic term used to describe all of the Department's directives, regardless of the material or importance.

Written Directive


Definition: Form from the Board of Police Commissioners to all Department members

Board Resolution


Definition: Form from the office of a specific bureau to members of that bureau. (May include an expiration date.)

Bureau Memorandum


Definition: Form from the office of the Chief of Police to all members. May include an expiration date.)

Chief's Memorandum


Definition: Form that provides information or instruction to all members of matters affecting more than on organizational element.

Department Memorandum


Definition: Form that describes duties and responsibilities performed by members assigned to a specific element that includes a list of related written directive and the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).

Duty Manual


Definition: Form from the Office of General Counsel to all members concerning legal guidelines, opinions, or clarification of points of law.

Legal Bulletin


Definition: Provides policies and procedures relating to matters of personnel management.

Personnel Policy and Benefits Manual


Definition: Provides instructions which outline operational policies, rules, and procedures.

Procedural Instruction


Definition: Information regarding a specific activity, circumstance, or event, and is limited to a specific time period. (Will include an expiration date.)

Special Order


Which department will be review all prepared, proposed, and/or revised written directives for typographical errors and conflicts with existing policies prior to final signature?

Research and Development Division (RADD)


Definition: A web-based application subscribed to through REJIS that electronically notifies, stores, distributes, archives, and tracks acknowledgement of all written directives.