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Definition: A member authorized to operate unmanned aerial vehicles, or any portion of the UAS, who has completed a Department approved training program and meets all the conditions of the certification of waiver or authorization issued by the FAA.

Authorized Member


Definition: An FAA grant or approval for a specific flight operation.

Certificate of Waiver of Authorization (COA)


Definition: An authorized member assigned to perform an operational duty during uses or deployments.

UAS Crew Member


Definition: The federal regulations set forth by FAA regarding small unmanned aircraft system operations in the National Air Space (NAS).

FAA 14 CFR Part 107


Definition: An authorized member who holds a remote pilot certificate with a UAS rating, and has the final authority and responsibility for the operation and safety of a UAS operation.

Remote Pilot in Command (PIC)


Definition: An authorized member at the rank of Captain or above responsible for all FAA reporting and administrative responsibilities associated with the operation of the UAS per FAA guidelines.

UAS Commander


Definition: An aircraft operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft.

Unmanned Aircraft (UA) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Remember - the UA is the actual drone and the UAS is the entire system


Definition: An UA and associated elements (including communication links and the components that control the UA) that are required for the remote PIC to operate safely and efficiently.

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Remember - the UA is the actual drone and the UAS is the entire system


Definition: Unaided (corrective lenses and/or sunglasses exempted) visual contact between a PIC or a visual observer (VO) and the UA, sufficient to: maintain safe operational control of the aircraft, know its location, be able to scan the airspace in which it is operation to see and avoid other air traffic, objects aloft, or on the ground.

Visual Line of Sight (VLOS)


Definition: An authorized member who will assist the PIC in maintaining visual and navigational awareness of the airspace and advise the PIC of any imminent hazards including, but not limited to, other aircraft, terrain, or adverse wether conditions.

Visual Observer (VO)


Only _______ _______ will deploy a UAS, and only when such use is appropriate in the performance of their duties.

Authorized Members


Operators and observers will take _________ ________ to avoid inadvertently recording or transmitting images of area where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Reasonable Precautions


The _____ will ensure the flight is in compliance with FAA Regulations and state law.



The use of a UAS is to provide an _______ _______ _______ in responding to emergency situations and/or exigent circumstances.

Aerial Visual Perspective


Name the six (6) reason for usage of a UAS.

1. Scene Documentation
2. Search and Rescue
3. Situational Awareness
4. Tactical Deployment
5. Visual Perspective
6. Assist in Apprehension