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All requests to purchase products or services must be submitted through the chain of command directly to the _______ ______ for review and approval prior to any purchases.

Fiscal Division


A department member should fill out a Form ______ P.D. to report any purchases.



At least ____ vendors will be solicited when purchasing a product or service that is expected to cost $1,000 or more.
a. Five (5)
b. Three (3)
c. Two (2)
d. Six (6)

B. Three (3)


Is all the information under the category titled Dates/Days/Numbers?



True/False: You can purchase alcohol with a department-issued credit card as long as the purchase is made in accordance with the job.

False - do not buy alcohol with the department-issued credit card


If a department-issued credit card is lost or stolen, who must immediately be notified?

The Financial Services Unit - Accounting and Payroll Section


Petty cash is limited to purchases under:
a. $50
b. $75
c. $100
d. $999

A. $50


Within how many days of return must a Travel Expense Recap, Form 146B P.D. be submitted?
a. Five (5) working
b. Seven (7) working
c. Ten (10) working
d. Fourteen (14) working

C. Ten (10) working