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Sworn members have limited authority to act upon civil matters and should contact a supervisor when they are unsure of what action to take. The ________ of ________ _______ is to be contacted in instances when a member's position is uncertain.

Office of General Counsel


Definition: A surety agent or an agent of a property bail bondsman employed by and working under the authority of a licensed general bail bond agent.

Bail Bond Agent


Definition: A surety agent or a property bail bondsman, as defined in sections RSMo Chapter 374, who devotes at least fifty percent of their working time to the bail bond business.

General Bail Bond Agent


Definition: A person not performing the duties of a sworn peace officer who tracks down, captures, and surrenders to the custody of a court a fugitive who has violated a bail bond agreement.

Surety Recovery Agent


Definition: The acceptance by a person authorized to take bail of the undertaking of a sufficient surety for the appearance of the defendant according to the terms of the undertaking or that the surety will pay to the court the sum specified.

"Taking a Bail" or "Taking Bail"
(What the? No one says that. I'm going to go take a bail now, da fuq?)


Bond agents and surety recovery agents will be governed by the ________ _________ of _________.

Missouri Department of Insurance


The United States Supreme Court delivered an opinion in what year, which still controls the relationship between bond agents and the defendant.



A bond agent or surety recovery agent is a _________ ________, and has no greater authority to enter the residence of a third party than does anyone else.

Private Citizen


True/False: A surety or bond agent may assault a person if it occurs within the capture from a failure to appear on said surety bond.



True/False: Sworn members may act as "agents" or on behalf of a bond agent, as long as it takes place when they would normally be considered off-duty.

False - They cannot have any affiliation with a bonding/surety company


Sworn members should be aware of the city ordinance 50-171, _______ _______, which states a certified copy of the bond must be shown to any occupant of the building who is seeking to deny access or is questioning the bondsman or surety recovery agent's authority to enter the building.

Aggravated Trespass


Landlord/Tenant matters have historically been viewed as a _______matter.



If an _______ ________ has been served, the sworn member may advise the tenant to contact the Kansas City Missouri Human Relations Department; however, no action should be taken by the sworn member.

Eviction Order


If dispatched on a landlord/tenant dispute when an Eviction Order has not been served, and both parties are present, the sworn member may serve a summons to the ________.



Evictions are executed by a _____ ______, not city sworn members.

Sheriff's Deputy


A ________ Order is signed by an Associate Circuit Judge to repossess merchandise, including automobiles, from a person holding the items. It is served by a Sheriff's Deputy, allows entry on private property, and allows force if necessary.



All citizens have a constitutional right to ______ _____ and ______.

Peacefully Assemble / Protest


When conditions so dictate, and groups of protesters become disruptive or are endangering the lives and property of others, the primary police objective is to ____ _____.

Restore Order


Sworn members will notify the ______ Unit when responding to a protest, demonstration, or a strike.



_________ ejections do not fall under the same category as landlord/tenant evictions, and a court order is not required for removal of persons.