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True/False: A person must be missing at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to being reported missing

False - You can report a person missing at any time (stupid movies)


A missing person report will be completed when a preliminary investigation determines that the person was last seen within the city limits of KCMO, and one or more of the following exists:
The missing person is under the care of a _______ ______ for life threatening physical ailments, the missing person is under the care of a ____________ for mental health issues, the missing person has threatened _________, the missing person suffers from ________ mental capacity, the missing person suffers from _______, or there is a strong indication of _______ _______ (an un-sub is involved).

Medical Physician / Psychiatrist / Suicide / Diminished / Dementia / Foul Play


Any questions regarding ongoing missing person investigations should be referred to ________.



A missing/runaway juvenile is a _____ ______, not a criminal offense

Status Offense


True/False: A located runaway juvenile will be transported to a local juvenile detention facility to await pickup from a parent/guardian.

False - They will be immediately returned to the custody of a parent/guardian


Juveniles who are located by law enforcement that are report as missing/runaway from out of state will be detailed per the ___ ___.

Interstate Compact


If it is determined that a kidnapping has occurred, the officer will contact a supervisor, who will contact _______ ______ _______, and possibly request that an _______ ________ be issued, detailing any Un-Sub information, if available

Crimes Against Children / Amber Alert


To adhere to federal guidelines, MPCC must be notified within ____ _______.
a. One (1) hour
b. Four (4) hours
c. Two (2) hours
d. Twenty-four (24) hours

C. Two (2) hours


MPCC will work with _____ _____ to immediately enter the missing/runaway pick-up in REJIS

Data Entry


If available, the department member will obtain a recent _______ of the missing person and ________ or _______ _______ it to the detective.

Photo / Email or Hand Deliver


Department members should determine if a missing person participates in ______ ______, which is an electronic tracking device that assists in locating persons who may wander off or elope due to conditions such as autism or dementia.

Care Trak