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Definition: A state of extreme mental health and physiological excitement, characterized by extreme agitation, hyperthermia, extreme tearing of the eyes, hostility, exceptional strength, and endurance without fatigue.

Agitated/Excited Delirium


Definition: The use of any alcoholic beverage which results in intoxication or in a psychological or physiological dependency from continued use, which dependency induces a mental, emotional or physical impairment and which causes socially dysfunctional behavior.

Alcohol Abuse


Definition: The use of any drug without compelling medical reason, which results in a temporary mental, emotional, or physical impairment and causes socially dysfunctional behavior.

Drug Abuse


Definition: A Kansas City Missouri Police Department designation to refer to a person in a crisis situation who displays an emotional and/or behavioral disability that impacts the person's ability to effectively recognize, interpret, control, and express fundamental emotions.

Emotionally Disturbed Person (EDP)


Definition: Any one or more of the following; substantial risk that serious physical harm will be inflicted by a person upon their own person, substantial risk that serious physical harm to a person is occurring or will result because of an impairment in their capacity to make decisions with respect to need for treatment as evidenced by their current mental disorder, or substantial risk of serious physical harm will be inflicted by a person upon another as evidenced by recent overt acts, behavior or threats, which have caused harm or which would place a reasonable person in fear of sustaining such harm.

Likelihood of Serious Harm


Definition: This revised form combines the Mental Health Report, and Crisis Intervention Team Report.

Mental Health/Crisis Intervention Team Report, Form 459 P.D.


Definition: Any organic, mental or emotional impairment which has substantial adverse effects on a person's cognitive, volitional or emotional function and which constitutes a substantial impairment in a person's ability to participate in activities of normal living.

Mental Health Disorder


Definition: Courts within the Municipal and State Court system that specialize in veteran treatment, mental health, and drug abuse.

Specialty Courts


True/False: A Sergeant will be notified of all calls involving an EDP, and will respond if available.



If a person appears to be exhibiting signs of agitated/excited delirium, members will request ______ ________ ________ personnel to respond to the scene.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


Prior to taking a person into custody for involuntary detention and transporting to a treatment facility, the sworn member will conduct an _________ into the facts used as a basis for the involuntary detention, and will have ________ _______ ________ based on the sworn member's observations and/or investigations

Investigation / Independent Probable Cause


True/False: In order to transport a juvenile (17 and under), a parent and/or legal guardian must accompany them to the facility for purposes of admittance.



If an EDP wishes to voluntarily admit themselves to a mental health facility, the sworn member must still respond to the mental health facility and complete a ______ _______/_______ _____ ______ ______, Form 459 P.D.

Mental Health/Crisis Intervention Team Report


Additional options available to sworn members include the use of the alcohol detoxification facilities which accept indigent and drug abuse referrals for voluntary admission. Name the three (3) facilities that are available.

Heartland Center for Behavior Change / Missouri Shield of Service (Salvation Army) / ReStart


Sworn members dispatched to a facility where an AWOP/Walk-Away report has not been completed, and the individual meets the criteria , they will complete a missing person report in _______, and conduct an _______ _______.

ARS / Area Canvas


A person in need of mental health care who has a police hold for state warrants/charges should be taken to the closest __________ ________ ________ or mental health facility.

Hospital Emergency Room


True/False: A sworn member will be required to stay with subjects on all felony holds until they are discharges from the ER or admitted to TMC-BH.



Once a person has been approved to be listed as EDP in REJIS, the following 4 designations will be them.

Threat to harm self / Threat to harm others / Threat of suicide by officer / Past history of more than one hold in 12 months


An EDP verification and purge will be conducted every _______ years. Each ______ (month) of ______ number years.

Two (2) / January / Odd


The ______ Commander will be responsible for reviewing all names to determine if they will remain in the system.