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Definition: The inspection of an arrestee's anus or genitalia, including, but not limited to, inspections conducted visually, manually, or by means of any physical instrument.

Body Cavity Search


Definition: The Uniform Traffic Ticket (UTT) will be referred to hereafter as a __________.



Definition: A record intended to provide a way to let sworn members know of an interest to interview the person named in the record. No probable cause for arrest exists.

Contact and Advise


Definition: All custodial arrests require an inventory of any closed containers and personal property such as bags, backpacks, purses, suitcases, briefcases, and like items.

Custodial Arrest Inventory


Definition: When a person is placed under arrest for a municipal ordinance violation, investigation arrest, or state/federal violation by a sworn member and then transported to a detention facility.

Custodial Arrests


Definition: The thorough examination of an arrestee's clothing.

Custodial Search/Search Incident to Arrest


Definition: Regional Justice Information System (REJIS) ticketing application installed on a mobile handheld device.



Definition: An emergency demanding immediate action by a sworn member with insufficient time for the sworn member to obtain a search warrant or court order.

Exigent Circumstance


Definition: A police pursuit, whether by vehicle or foot, which is initiated within the peace officer's jurisdiction, immediate, consistent with reasonable police safety practices, or conducted for the purpose of stopping the vehicle or apprehending the person.

Fresh Pursuit


Definition: Allows a Missouri sworn member to immediately pursue a person into Kansas in order to arrest the person for committing a crime, such as a misdemeanor or felony offense, and grants the Missouri sworn member the same authority of arrest as a Kansas officer.

Kansas Uniform Fresh Pursuit Law


Definition: Issued by the Jackson County Associate Circuit Court for offenses investigated by this Department.

Local (KCPD) State Warrant


Definition: Indicated a temporary change in record status in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and/or Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System (MULES) file.

Locate Message


Definition: Any felony, misdemeanor, or county municipal warrant issued by any county within the state of Missouri with the exception of a Local (KCPD) State Warrant.

Missouri State Warrant


Definition: A law which provides that a sworn member from another state may enter into Missouri in fresh pursuit in order to arrest a person who is believed to have committed a felony or the crime of driving while intoxicated or driving with excessive blood alcohol content in such other state.

Missouri Uniform Fresh Pursuit Law


Definition: REJIS ticketing application installed on a laptop/desktop computer for entering and printing of subpoenas, citations, summons, and warnings.

Mobile Ticketing


Definition: When a sworn member issues a citation/summons and releases the person from the scene (signature bond).

Non-Custodial Arrests


Definition: A notice that a person is wanted for questions or is a person of interest in a crime

Person of Interest


Definition: A set of facts and circumstances available to the sworn member upon inquiry which warrants a person of reasonable prudence and caution to believe that certain items may be contraband, stolen property, or subject to seizure as evidence of a crime or that a crime has been committed and that the suspect has committed the crime.

Probable Cause


Definition: The purpose of a protective sweep is to ensure the security and safety of the sworn member, not to secure evidence.

Protective Sweep


A crime, in which violence is involved, such as rape, robbery, serious assault, or murder.

Serious Offense


Definition: In the context of fresh pursuit, constant visual contact is not required. If a vehicle or person goes momentarily our-of-sight, but immediately comes back into sign, the sworn member would not have "lost contact" within the meaning of the statute.

Significant Passage of Time


Definition: The removal or rearrangement of some or all of the clothing of a person so as to permit an inspection of the genitals, buttocks, anus, breasts, or undergarments of such person, including, but not limited to, inspections conducted visually, manually, or by means of any physical instrument.

Strip Search


Definition: The General Ordinance Summons (GOS) will be referred to hereafter as a _______.



Definition: A record entry in MULES/NCIC without the existence of a signed warrant, provide that the entering agency has probable cause to believe that the person has committed a felony, may attempt to flee to avoid capture, and the agency is in the process of procuring an arrest warrant from a court.

Temporary Wants


Definition: Issued by a Jackson County Circuit Court Judge after a case has been appealed from the Jackson County Circuit Court, 16th Judicial Circuit of Missouri, Kansas City Municipal Division, and the person fails to appear.

Trial De Novo Warrant


Definition: A notice that a person is wanted based upon probable cause from an active investigation.



Definition: A process of contacting, by telephone or hit confirmation message if a warrant is valid.

Warrant Investigation


Definition: Issued by the Jackson County Circuit Court, 16th Judicial Circuit of Missouri, Kansas City Municipal Division, for victims/witnesses who fail to appear in court as directed by a subpoena.

Writs of Attachment


The _________ command of a sworn member to a person that they are under arrest and the submission of the person to such command or the physical restraint of the person is all that is necessary to constitute an arrest.



No person will be arrested, booked, or charged unless the sworn member has ______ ________ to believe the person has committed the specific crime for which they are being arrest.

Probable Cause