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According to the sociological perspective, why do people choose spouses who share their race, social class, level of education, and degree of physical attractiveness

Society guides our actions, thoughts, and feelings, narrowing our choices to people similar to ourselves.


According to C. Wright Mills, in what ways were people able to use a sociological perspective to better understand their lives during the Great Depression?

People realized they couldn't find jobs because the economy had collapsed.


Why did the Wall Street Journal call Karl Marx one of the world's three greatest modern thinkers

His theories had a major influence on world history.


The word sociology combines the Greek word logos, meaning "study of," with the Latin word socius meaning "______."

being with others.


What religious aspect brought about capitalism, according to Max Weber?

Protestants saw financial success as a sign of God's favor.


Herbert Spencer used the phrase "survival of the fittest" to refer to his theory that _______.

societies evolve over time because the fittest members adapt to their environment.


How did Comte contribute to the study of society?

He applied the scientific method to the study of society.


Which phrase best defines the Protestant ethic, according to Max Weeber?

Financial investments.


On which point did Herbert Spencer disagree with Auguste Comte?

Sociologists should guide social reform.


Which statements best describes the approach of W.E.B Du Bois in addressing the problems facing black communities?

He spoke out against racial inequality and become involved with organizations to combat racism.


What challenge did female sociologists in the 19th-century face?

Sex roles made it difficult for them to be respected as sociologists.


Which program would be most likely to hire an applied sociologist?

A non-profit organization's program to improve a neighborhood.


Who would most likely be an advocate of affirmative action ?

W. E. B. Du Bois.


How did Devah Pager's study change from basic sociology to public sociology?

President George W. Bush read Pager's result and created a mentoring program for released prisoners seekings jobs.


Jane Addams opened Hull-House with a mission to _______.

offer refuge to immigrants, the poor, the sick, and older people.


Which of the following is the most likely approach an applied sociologist would take to the problem of children in an urban area who are hungry?

Create a school lunch program


Monique watns to study the meaning of pratyer beads in different religions. Which of the following types of sociology is she likely to align herself with?

Symbolic interactionism.


A sociologist following the ------- approach would be likely to ask the following questions:What are the major parts of society? How are these parts linked? What does each part do to help society work?

functional analysis


Based on the work of Robert K. Merton, what is a social dysfunction?

Any social pattern that may disrupt the operation of society.


Someone used the functional analysis approach might classify the effect higher education has on unemployment levels as a ________.

Latent function


Symbolic interactionism is a micro-level approach because it analyzes ______.

meaning that groups attach to their social word.


Feminists will sometimes draw on the ideas of Marxism but instead focusing on _____ they focus on _______.

capitalists and workers; men and women.


Common sense is to _______
as the scientific method is to sociological research.

background knowledge


In comparison to sociological research, common sense is _____ understanding social life.

an insufficient means of


Tables contain ______ elements.



A researcher finds that use of deodorant causes breast cancer. Subsequent studies by other researchers, however, have not replicated this finding. The first researcher's study lacks _______.



When operational definitions measure what they are intended to measure, they are said to be _________.



Kayla decides that she would like to research eating disorders. She wants to determine how they begin in teenage American girls. Her next step in the research model is ________.

reviewing the literature.


Which of the following is the first basic step in scientific research?

Selecting a topic.


Which of the following is one of the major drawbacks of case studies?

They are often very specific and, therefore, suffer from the problem of generalizability.