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A sociologist should use _____ to analyze the broad features of society

a macro-sociological approach


Micro sociologists are most likely to study which of the follow?

face to face interactions


To best gain an understanding of how members of a group develop rules and codes for getting along, a sociologist would use _______

the microsociologocial approach.


During World War 2, European Jews had to wear yellow stars on their clothing. The star is an example of a ___________.

negative status symbol.


Why might blindness sometimes ben classified as a master status?

blindness can become the trait that other respond to more than any other.


A teenage boy who is a student, cashier, and teammate illustrates the concept of _______.

status set


Organic solidarity differs from mechanical solidarity in that it is based on ________.

the interdependence of different interest groups with different ideas about life.


The suffix - ette means "little one." How does this suffix show the relative social statuses of bachelors and bachelorettes?

It suggests that women are less socially valuable than men.


_______ is based on income, education, and occupational prestige.

Social class.


Functionalists identify five functional requisites for the survival of any society. All of society's institutions are involved in meeting which one ?

Proving a sense of purpose.


Which of the following examples best demonstrates a self-fulfilling stereotype?

A math teacher hears that her new student is very smart and pleasant to work with. She gives him extra encouragement and challenging assignments. The student, who once did poorly in math and was surely in class, is now happy and cheerful and is willing to try more difficult work.


Ethnomethodology is the study of __________.

The way people understand their lives.


The symbolic interaction approach views society as __________.

The product of the everyday interactions of individuals.


According to Edward Hall, if you were having a conversation with lab partner outside science class, the "distance zone" you would share is _______ distance.



Which of the following statements best explains the relationships between the social construction of reality and the definition of the situation ?

Reality is a social construction based on how we define the situation.


Goffman described _______ as a person's efforts to create specific impressions in the minds of others.

impression management


Which of the following examples illustrates role conflict?

A parent can no longer handle the responsibilities of parenting, working, and housekeeping.


Whiuch of the following exampels from the post-tornado photographs in the text examines the situation on a macrosociological level

The picture of cable TV being restored.


Why are both macro sociology and micro sociology necessary to gain a complete sociological picture?

Each focuses on a different aspects of the human experience, so they are both necessary for a full understanding fo social life.


Using the macrosociological approach and the examples of the "Saints" and the "Roughnecks," who has the best chances of success in the United States?

A white boy born into a wealthy, prominent New England family.


Willaim Chambliss used the micro-sociological approach to gather information about the social interaction of the "Saints" and the "Roughnecks", including _______.

How the "Saints" manipulated their good reputations to skip classes.


The family gives the newcomer to society a sense of belonging by providing _____, an account of how he or she is related to others.

a lineage.


A group consists of _________.

two or more people who interact with each other and who feel that their common values, itnerested, and norms are important.


Cindy acts casually around her friends but formally around her coworkers. When she gets together with her in-laws, she is polite and reserved however, when she is alone with her husband and children, she is extroverted and witty. Erving Goffman would present Cindy's behavior as an example of ______.

dramaturgical analysis.


Which of the following is an accurate statement regarding social status?

Both ascribed and achieved statuses provide guidelines for how we are to act and feel.


Which of the following statements about groups is correct?

Being a member of a group means a person must yield to others the right to make decision and judgements about his or her behaviour.


Which of the following is an example of norms pertaining to the social institution of religion?

A child attending a church's Sunday school.


A type of body language that could be used to discourage social interaction is _________.

frowning and shaking your heard side to side.


Suki enjoys her long commute to work every day, because it gives her a chance to mentally switch gears from being am other to being a business woman. By separating these parts of her life, Suki is attempting to minizime _______.

role conflict.


Religion, class, and interests are all part of our _____ that affects how we perceive the world.

social structure.